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Val McBeathVL McBeath was born in Liverpool, in the UK, and has spent most of her life working in the pharmaceutical industry. It was only her interest in family history that caused her to change track and become an author.

Since her tentative beginnings in 2010, she has written two historical family saga series, and a series of standalone murder mysteries.

Val has two grown-up daughters and lives in Cheshire, in the north-west of England, with her husband.

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The Ambition & Destiny Series

An epic family saga based in Victoria-era England

The series that began Val’s writing career started when she heard that her ancestors had once been very wealthy, something she found hard to believe given her humble beginnings. As time passed, she determined to discover if the rumours were true and if they were, what happened to the money.

She set out with idle curiosity, but as she delved into the archives, Val uncovered a story of ambition, power and deceit that compelled her to turn it into a novel.

The Ambition & Destiny Series became a five-book saga, and is the story of one family’s trials, tribulations and triumphs as they seek their fortune in Victorian-era, England.

It also includes an introductory short story and standalone novel.

The Windsor Street Family Saga

Val’s second family saga is based on the life of one of her great, great grandmothers. The idea for the series started when Val discovered she had worked as a stewardess on a couple of transatlantic liners during the 1880s.

This came as a surprise as there are very few reports of women going to sea in the late Victorian-era, let alone working onboard, but records show that that’s what she did!

The story is fictional, but explores the reasons why she may have left her home and family, including two young daughters. The later books cover her life when she returns to Liverpool, and the repercussions of her job in later life.

Eliza Thomson Investigates

A fictional murder mystery series set in the UK at the beginning of the twentieth century.

When not researching and writing about historical events, Val’s favourite books to read are murder mysteries, particularly Agatha Christie style whodunits.

When she’d finished The Ambition & Destiny Series, Val decided to try her hand at writing her own historical mystery series, and developed the character Eliza Thomson.

Set in the fictional village of Moreton-on-Thames, just outside London, Eliza and her friend Connie, are never far from the latest murder, and are determined to help the police, whether their help is wanted or not!

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