The Windsor Street Family Saga Omnibus 1 | Author VL McBeath The Windsor Street Family Saga Omnibus 1 | Author VL McBeath
VL McBeath

The Windsor Street Family Saga Omnibus 1

Books 1-4

About the Book

Over 1500 pages in this bumper edition…

Nell is restless, yearning to travel. But in a world where women are expected to stay at home, her desire for independence has far-reaching consequences…


Inspired by a true story, The Windsor Street Family Saga is a story of love, loss and hope set in Victorian-era Liverpool and beyond…

Part 1: The Sailor’s Promise (An Introductory Novella)

Liverpool. January 1871
One Man. One Woman. One Choice?

All Nell wants is a husband and family of her own.

Second mate Jack Riley loves his life at sea. The idea of settling down in the back streets of Liverpool holds no appeal.

But the bond between them is strong.

She wants security and a husband who’s home each night. Can Jack abandon his plans and give her the life she craves?


Part 2: The Wife’s Dilemma

Liverpool. January 1881
Jack’s due back … and Nell is waiting. She’s dreamt of this moment for a long time.

Nine years after their plan was hatched, Master Mariner Jack Riley is ready to take control of his own ship. And Nell is preparing to travel with him.

But when tragedy strikes, her world is thrown into turmoil.

As she comes to terms with her new future, she’s given a choice.

Should she follow her heart … or submit to the norms expected of her in Victorian-era, England?


Part 3: The Stewardess’s Journey

Liverpool 1882
In a man’s world, can a woman survive?

Nell’s dream of travelling on a transatlantic steamship is about to come true but life is hard. With only three women working amongst a crew of eighty, there are challenges Nell had not foreseen.

While she struggles to cope, there are some who will do whatever they can to support her.

Will their efforts be enough to settle her into life on board? Or will her first trip be her last?


Part 4: The Captain’s Order

October 1882
Working on a ship is tough … but it’s about to become a whole lot worse…

When an emergency threatens both passengers and crew, the captain announces a new way of working, and Nell has no choice but to obey his orders…


If you like Victorian-era historical fiction, and tales of women surviving against the odds, then you’ll love VL McBeath’s engaging series.

Get the first four books in this great value omnibus edition to start your journey…

The box set of Parts 5-7 is also available.

The Windsor Street Family Saga is one story told over a series of books. It is recommended that the books are read in sequential order.

Books in The Windsor Street Family Saga:
Part 1: The Sailor’s Promise (An Introductory Novella)
Part 2: The Wife’s Dilemma
Part 3: The Stewardess’s Journey
Part 4: The Captain’s Order
Part 5: The Companion’s Secret
Part 6: The Mother’s Confession
Part 7: The Daughter’s Defiance

The books are written in UK English.

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The Details

Published: March 21, 2024
Publisher: Valyn Publishing
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1-913838-39-3
Genres & Tropes
Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Victorian England, Love, Loss, Hope