The Windsor Street Family Saga Omnibus 2 | Author VL McBeath The Windsor Street Family Saga Omnibus 2 | Author VL McBeath
VL McBeath

The Windsor Street Family Saga Omnibus 2

Books 5-7

About the Book

The Windsor Street Family Saga is one story told over a series of books. It is recommended that the books are read in sequential order.

The box set of Parts 1-4 is also available on this page.

Box Set 2

Over 1500 pages in this bumper edition…

Relieved to be home, Nell prepares to settle back into normal life, but after the events of the last year, nothing will be the same again…



Part 5: The Companion’s Secret

November 1882

Nell’s new job sees her welcomed into a more prestigious social circle. But not all friendships are what they seem…

Scarred by the events of her last voyage, Nell is ready for a change, and being offered a role as a lady’s companion is too good an opportunity to miss.

When an old adversary of her companion makes a return, Nell is determined to help, but when she gets more involved than she expects, the outcome has far-reaching consequences…


Part 6: The Mother’s Confession

November 1884

For sixteen years Nell carried a secret. Now she must confront the truth. Face to face.

After another stint at sea, Nell is ready to return to home, but the memories she sought to flee, are still fresh in her mind.

Keen to rebuild her life, she seeks out her old acquaintances. She even offers the hand of friendship to an ex-colleague.

As their feelings for each other grow, thoughts of the future surface. But when an old friend learns of their liaison, he’s prepared to ruin everything.

Is her new relationship strong enough to survive? Or will a final revelation convince her admirer he was right to doubt her all along?


Part 7: The Daughter’s Defiance


Liverpool 1895

Would you abandon your husband for the sake of your daughter?


Nell’s daughters have grown from children into young women. But to their stepfather they’re a part of her life he’d rather be without.

Elenor has been a source of irritation for years, but when her world is turned upside down, Nell is determined to protect her from her husband’s wrath.

Incensed by the way she was treated, Elenor is determined to help when her younger sister Leah runs into problems of her own. But her intervention leads to life changing consequences.

With the family at loggerheads, Nell is forced to take sides. Will she support her daughter or her husband when compromise is not an option?


Inspired by a true story, The Windsor Street Family Saga is a story of love, loss and hope set in Victorian-era Liverpool and beyond…

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Books in The Windsor Street Family Saga:
Part 1: The Sailor’s Promise (An Introductory Novella)
Part 2: The Wife’s Dilemma
Part 3: The Stewardess’s Journey
Part 4: The Captain’s Order
Part 5: The Companion’s Secret
Part 6: The Mother’s Confession
Part 7: The Daughter’s Defiance

The books are written in UK English.

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The Details

Published: April 11, 2024
Publisher: Valyn Publishing
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1-913838-40-9
Genres & Tropes
Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Victorian England, Love, Loss, Hope