The Ambition & Destiny Vol. 2 | Author VL McBeath The Ambition & Destiny Vol. 2 | Author VL McBeath
VL McBeath

The Ambition & Destiny Series Vol. 2

Parts 4-6

About the Book

The conclusion of this epic family saga…

Mr Wetherby has the upper hand. Will he extend an olive branch to William … or will Harriet’s actions be the downfall of them all?

Part 4: Only One Winner

A family divided … with no signs of reconciliation.

Will Lydia rue the day she ever met them?

Keen to get away from her abusive father, Lydia accepts the post of housekeeper at the Jackson family home.

But when William senses romance in the air between Lydia and his son William-Wetherby, he is determined to put an end to it.

For good.

As a feud erupts between father and son, Mr Wetherby is still furious about Harriet’s betrayal.

And he’s going to make sure someone pays…

Part 5: Different World

After a bitter family breakdown … William-Wetherby seeks a new life far from home.

But being rid of Mr Wetherby isn’t as simple as it seems…

Blackmailed into leaving his hometown, William-Wetherby sets off in search of his brother.

Since they were last together their world has changed … and he needs a friend.

Forced to rent a room in the back streets of Liverpool, William-Wetherby falls for his landlady’s daughter, Bella … but will a final surprise from Mr Wetherby threaten their future happiness?

The Young Widow (Standalone Novel)

She has the money to live like a lady … but there are plenty who want to take it from her.

When an enigmatic stranger steals her heart, can she know he wants her for the right reasons?

London 1808: Widowed at the age of twenty, Ann has no optimism for the future. At the beck and call of her domineering mother she longs to make a new life for herself with the legacy left by her late husband. But it’s not that easy. Not when it means leaving her sisters behind.

Her world is turned upside down when a curious gentleman stops to speak to her. Chas is new to the area, but he seems to know a lot about her … and he certainly looks well-to-do. Could he be her saviour?

With newfound hope Ann dares to dream again, but Chas has a secret. Something he refuses to share.

As their friendship grows, there are those who want to keep them apart … but when Ann stumbles upon Chas’s past, she realises that only she can decide what their future holds.

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The Details

Published: November 25, 2020
Publisher: Valyn Publishing
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Historical Fiction, Family Saga, British Family, Victorian England, Love, Loss, Betrayal